World Merit Fellowship Program

A Year of Leadership Development

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A Year Long Program

2015-2016 Locations are USA, Home Country, UK

Purpose then Impact

Whatever your background or belief, whatever your insight into pressing local and global challenges, whatever the specifics of your personal ambition, we hope you want to make the most of every opportunity, of every day.

This program is here to support you in identifying your purpose and to unlock your potential and passion. The skills and experience provided will help you make your impact; the network and community you join will set off a permanent collaboration for positive global change.

A Program for you

World Merit has over 100,000 young global citizens in our platform, representing almost every country. One of our core principles is to strive to be radically inclusive. With the leadership of the World Merit fellows we optimistically believe that this principle will be widely held in the coming decades. On a selection level, we don’t care whether you are wealthy or poor, we care about your drive to make the world a better place and about your willingness to collaborate.

More than at any time, the upcoming generation has a wide view of the world. You have global connections stored and expanded in social media as well as constant streams of insight and news online. We will start the next Fellowship Program in the United States for two weeks and end together in the United Kingdom for two weeks but you, and the other fellows will use technology to harness ideas from the wider World Merit community from home in the intervening period of 11 months. The travel and cultural exchange is an exciting component, but the program is designed to work next to your existing job or studies. Our facilitation team will leave you with skills to make increasing impact forever after.

Like all universities, employers, investors, voters, and people in need, we know that actions speak louder than academic transcripts. We work hard to reduce the barriers to opportunity and to that end we have an open application process and a subsidized cost and scholarship fund to make this top quality program accessible for you, whatever your background. If you want to reach your potential and build a better world, this is for you.

Learn from leaders

Richard Branson with the World Merit Community

Employability, Fundability, Responsibility

There are a number of factors in becoming extremely employable and/or easy to fund, they can however be simplified to just three things - how well you can prove your actions of merit, how well you articulate yourself, and how well your network supports you and provides you with access to opportunities. We want to push open the window of opportunity for more people, and our fellowship program will build skills from ‘fundraising’ to ‘team leading’ that will be recognized and valuable.

In the recent past World Merit has introduced its members to many influential people. World Leaders like Malala Yousafzai and Lord John Alderdice; renowned entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Lord Michael Hastings (KPMG & Vodafone), and Baroness Martha Lane Fox (; and thought leaders like Sir Ken Robinson, Jack Healey, and Felix Finkbeiner.

We have also held days and workshops in Barclays, Bloomberg, Deloitte, Google, Greenpeace, UK Parliament, and 10 Downing Street providing uncommon access to institutions and individuals that add to the experience

Employability, Fundability, Responsibility

Personal Dashboard

Who am I? What do I stand for? What is my mission, vision and aims? What are my leadership strengths and blind-spots? How do I walk my talk? These are questions that define who you are and how you lead your life. Therefore it’s a main component of the program. A realisation of who you are will emerge from multiple individual tasks but mostly from working within a culturally diverse group.

Entrepreneurial Toolkit

You will learn and apply essential toolkits on how to implement new start-up projects. You will also be asked to think big, all in the context of how to approach complex issues and create transformational change. Within groups and individually, your entrepreneurial energy will explode, building your confidence, raising your aspirations, extending your capabilities.

Global Action Project

‘Taking Action’ is central to our ethos, so in a group of up to 24, you will lead a Global Challenge project designed to engage young people around the world. This ‘real’ experience in the complexity of multi-stakeholder global collaboration will both ‘ground’ your learning and have outcomes that contribute to social and environmental change. The challenges are focused on three different areas; Education, Environment and Equality.

Giancarlo Esposito delivering a workshop to World Merit Community Members

Fellows at Number 10

Scholarships and Sustainability

World Merit, our ambassadors and fellows are continuously building scholarship funds to directly support those who have demonstrated their eligibility for the program.

For the 2015/16 Fellowship Program prospective participants are to fundraise a fee of £2000 as contribution towards Food, Accommodation, Communication, and Transportation costs in the United States (July 2015) and in the United Kingdom (July 2016). We refer to this as the FACT fee. In addition we will ask you to join our fundraising efforts for the World Merit Scholarship Fund so that more people like you benefit from the Fellowship Program.

Your Commitment:

£1000 FACT fee (£100 deposit within 30 days after being selected, balance by May 1st 2015).

£1000 FACT fee (final £1000 due by May 1st 2016).

Flights not included.

Fundraising Pledge taken after being selected, with first target set as May 1st 2016.

All selected participants will receive direct scholarship funds of £6000 paid from registered charity Merit Youth.

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