World Merit Day
24 July 2015

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World Merit Day is the most important day of the year for us. Our strategy, targets and metrics are all run and measured from July 24th to July 24th. In 2014 we had Malala, Sir Ken Robinson, and other incredible speakers join us for a huge conference in Liverpool (check it out here!). This year we marked our day by doing something on a planetary level. In fact, a new documentary movie has been released, the title of which is Planetary. It is this that was at the centre of World Merit Day 2015. The producers and some of the cast are our partners and the messaging is a great fit for World Merit. Our challenge focused on sustainability: what will it take to sustain the planet and its resources? What changes do we need to make ecologically, economically, politically, socially? Watch the trailer here.

Find out more about Planetary



We call upon all Country Office Representatives and ALL World Merit members to collaborate and arrange a viewing of the film ‘Planetary’. 

Bring people together to see it in any venue (lecture theatre, movie theatre, community building, in your home, or be creative!). It’s an breathtaking movie with a powerful message and we want it to be seen in 100+ countries in the world on World Merit Day (July 24th). 

After the movie, we would like you to host a panel discussion, Q&A, debate or workshop about its themes AND brainstorm ideas for projects that can address the sustainability issues raised by World Merit and Planetary. We will ask for footage, a report and for these project ideas to be submitted to World Merit. 

Selected events are intended to be live-streamed to the United Nations. Think big and your event could by joined by some truly influential people. We are hopeful that members of the cast of Planetary, including astronauts and thought leaders will agree to Skype into a post movie Q&A for selected events. 

Will you be part of something big? Join us and host an event. Soon, you can download the film for $25 below and start screening! (Note: if you want to organize this but feel like you would have trouble raising $25, please contact and we will try to sort something out.) Please fill in the form below so we can support you and help you attract as many partners, sponsors and media before July 24th. 

Do you think a film like this has ever been viewed simultaneously in 100+ locations? Help us share the meaningful message of this movie.
#WorldMerit15 #WeArePlanetary

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This is not just about the prize. It is about being part of something bigger.



#1: Based on footage, report and project ideas we will select a winner of the best movie showing. This person / team will have the chance to communicate directly with a number of cast members and thought leaders and will be given an incredible program of mentoring.

#2: The second winner will be selected for the best project that has been put into action in the 6 months following World Merit Day. The winner of this award will receive a truly remarkable prize (you know how cool our prizes are) that will be announced soon.

8 Runners-Up:
We will have small but impactful prizes for the 8 people / teams that just didn’t make it.

Check out a list of the prizes



In order to promote your World Merit Day event in the best way, we have provided you with material to do this in the best way possible. Use the hashtag #WorldMerit15 and #WeArePlanetary in your promotion of World Merit Day 2015. Clicking on the images below, you can download:

1) The World Merit brand pack, containing all World Merit logos, fonts and supplementary guidelines,

2) The World Merit Day brand pack containing posters for promotional use - publish them on your social media, referring people to your event and/or print them out and hang them up during your event.

3) Personalized posters to promote your World Merit Day event in your country. A standardized poster, coverphoto and social media image created for your event by the World Merit Global Creative Team. Find a template and get in touch with the head of the Creative Team to get your very own. Note: in order to keep consistency around the globe, we ask you to not create your own visuals and instead contact the Global Creative Team by emailing Zita. If you want to do something else, discuss it with them.

To download the packs, click on the images below.




World Merit Day 15 Promotion 07 WM BRAND Guidelines 01  WM Visuals WM BRAND Guidelines 01



Community members all over the world are busy organising their events, showing the film and discussing sustainability issues to create change. Check out where we have events going on so far, and set up your own!


Botswana - Gaborone

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DRC - Kinshasa

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Jamaica - Kingston

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Antananarivo - Madagascar

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Nigeria - Abuja

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Nigeria - Port Hartcourt

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Pakistan - Hyderabad

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Sierra Leone - Makeni City

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UK - Liverpool

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