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My 21-Day Challenge

Answer the questions below and tell us about your personal 21-Day Challenge target and how you plan on bettering yourself over the next 3 weeks.

Anton Danyluk World Merit

Who is Anton Danyluk?

Love Island Star and health and wellness advocate Anton Danyluk has been offered the role as World Merit Ambassador for United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing. Anton will be using his platform to help drive his long-held mission to promote good health and wellbeing.

For the past three years, Anton – who runs his own health and fitness retreat, “The Ranch” in Airdrie, Scotland – has been on a mission to engage young people in the conversation about Good Health and Wellbeing. By visiting schools, Anton will be encouraging the younger generation to look after themselves by showing his audiences that “exercising can be fun”, while addressing the importance of both mental and physical health in such a critical moment for young millennials as they face so many challenges.

“I always believed that, when introduced to exercising in a fun and engaging way, kids love it! If they start young, the chances are that they will continue to strive for a healthy lifestyle,” added Anton Danyluk.

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What is the 21-Day Challenge?

You need to do something for 21 consecutive days to adopt a new habit, science says. That means you can replace an old habit with a new, positive one in just 21 days!

This challenge helps you to adjust your lifestyle in such a way that will be life changing. Whether it is doing a physical workout, meditate, writing a journal, setting daily goals, reducing the time on your mobile phone or expressing your gratitude for something or someone. These are all small steps, but repeating them for 3 weeks helps you to make them part of your daily routine, improving the quality of your life step by step. For a happier, healthier life.

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