Camilla's Story

“Change isn’t one big leap, it’s a series of combined small steps.” Keith Weisberg said in his speech at Merit360 in New York. Lord Michael Hastings dedicated his speech to the issue of creating long lasting change. Change that isn’t necessarily benefiting for the person creating it. He told us it’s important to identify the issue we want to change and then make it our life purpose. To strive for it in everything we do.
Both speeches really stuck to me. It’s important to identify your goal. To realize what you are striving for. At the same time it’s important to understand that the key to creating long lasting change and to reaching your goal is to create a journey with small individual goals. How you define them and how you want to reach them might change over time as you develop and grow up. But the purpose stays the same.
My experiences during Merit360 in New York made me understand that being a changemaker is not being part of one project or a specific organization. Being a changemaker is a life long journey which includes millions of faces, stages, decisions, opportunities, failures and successes.  Being a changemaker is not something you do it’s something you are!”


Camilla Reinhardt - Germany

Written By Camilla Reinhardt