Georg's Story
I found out about World Merit by scrolling down my Facebook timeline. At this point of my life I was feeling quit down because I was stuck in my everyday life, stuck in college and stuck in doing stuff that doesn't leave any positive impact. So when I read about World Merit I was immediately inspired and motivated to do things again and raise my voice for a better world. I signed up for attending Merit360 and also to become a Country Office Representative. These were definitely really important and good decisions for my life. My down phase stopped by just knowing about what amazing things World Merit is doing and the chance of being part this great community. 

After the conference Merit360, ended and I was on my plan back to Germany, and had this great feeling of freedom and the feeling that I could archive everything in life, if I just work hard enough. We had really inspiring speakers on the conference but what inspired and motivated me the most, were the people attainting Merit360. Everyone was willing to share their story. And from every story your heard you could learn something. 

Now that Merit360 is half in the past I'm still in contact with people that I met there. It helped me a lot to get friends from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds. And this is something amazing! It doesn't only give you good friends that you can rely on and who inspire you to do good in the world. It also helps you to grow as a person. 

Fortunately, I'm a Country Office Representative so I'm also in contact with all the other County Office Representative from all around the world. When I read posts and messages from them it always reminds me that we can change the world easily into a better one when we fight for it together

Georg Schubert – Hamburg, Germany

Written By Georg Schubert