Brena's Story
Fundraising February, Day 3, Story 3

World Merit gave me purpose, at the same time it taught me I had a changemaker inside of me. World Merit gave me a community, a home outside my home, brothers and sisters all over the world. It have been showing me through the years that we build the person we want to be – and we build the world we want to live in. World Merit showed me that I already had all the tools I needed to become who I was meant to be. The only thing missing was someone to believe in me, so I could too believe in myself. World Merit changed everything. From language skills to self-confidence, and making a real impact in the world, it saved me from a life I didn’t want. World Merit celebrates our differences instead of trying to change us. That’s what home feels like.

- Brena Lacerda – Brazil
Written By Brena Lacerda