Marlou's Story
World Merit has turned my world around. With the stories shared this past month, I have aimed to share how so. World Merit chooses to focus on the good, on the passion and on the opportunities out there. These stories are uplifting on their own, and I am proud to have created a platform for these storytellers to meet and ignite their passion and activism. But I can honestly say that it works both ways. I am astounded and motivated every day by the action our community is taking and initiatives that are launched. Last year Merit360 New York was a great success and in response Zana from World Merit Belize handed in a proposal for a similar program in her country. This is how Merit360i Belize was born. It showcases how we empower young global citizens to take initiative, to step up and into their power. If you're ready, we are ready. Our community pushes me to strive for excellence and go beyond what others think is possible. This is what I hope we have shared during the campaign Fundraising February. 

In order to continue to deliver these services, these programs and a platform for people to connect and drive change, like every other charity we depend on monetary support from third parties and we count on you. Our community counts on you.

I want to thank everyone who has followed up with financial and/or in-kind support. After four years, it is easy to say that the demand for World Merit is high. We have run a poll among the storytellers why World Merit is important. The statements they resonated with the most were the following three: ‘As a result of being part of World Merit I have gained new skills and insights which make me feel better prepared for my future career’ (76.6%), ‘Through World Merit I was able to widen my global network and and gained community feeling and sense of belonging’ (79%), ‘With World Merit I feel there is hope and that genuine change is possible for our future’ (85.7%). Your donation, no matter how big or small is contributing to those statistics and stories. 

Dropping out or failing our community is not an option. Now is the time to get involved and please know that you are responsible for having made the world a better place because of it. The World Merit community has showed you and I am confirming that right now.

Together we reach our fullest height.
Written By Marlou Hermsen