Putrie's Story
I joined World Merit because I was invited by my classmate to join to the new city chapter of World Merit Indonesia. At that time a lot of questions comes into my mind such as what Is World Merit? What are the United Nations SDGs? What does this organization stand for? Then, day by day, month by month, I found myself in love with World Merit. By joining World Merit, my mind has changed every time I see something. For example, before I always turned on my TV when I was doing something else but after I learned more about SDGs, I have seen it’s a total waste of energy. I now like to save the energy to save our earth. One more thing that has really opened my eyes is that a year ago me and my team from World Merit Indonesia Chapter Yogyakarta held an event called “Clean Up Party!” to support UN SDG number 14 “Life Below Water”. It is an event to encourage the beach visitors to stop throwing the trashes into the beach as those could have a really dangerous impact to the life below water. The plastics bags, the drinking water bottles, the cans and others can damage the corals and the plastics could be eaten by the fishes. We need to save our Life Below Water. After this event, I remembered what happened in my hometown. My hometown is called Bangka Belitung island, it’s a small island in Southern Sumatra area, surrounded by beaches. My island was well-known as the biggest tin mining in the world. At first, the owners of tin mining dig the land in my hometown to find the tin. Indeed, the tin changes everyone’s life, people got richer. Then, as we know that the natural resources will not last forever, the owners thought that the tin in the land is almost gone, and they turned over their heavy engines and other heavy things to the beach because they said they found more tin inside the sea. It’s really saddened me every time I came to the beach to spend my holiday and heard the engines of the machines. I have done many reports to the government about this and encouraged everyone to become aware of the importance of the life below water, and thank god the response is positive! Thank you World Merit for guiding and supporting me! Putrie Agusti - Indonesia
Written By Putrie Agusti