Safa's Story
Fundraising February, Day 1, Story 1

I've been a member of the World Merit family for over two years. I was excited sharing and exchanging values online on their global platform, but I never would have thought that my entire life would be this much better because of it.

I had the privilege of meeting 360 amazing changemakers from every place on Earth. Inside every one of them was a revolutionary vision and innovative ideas that were waiting for someone to support them. Merit360 helped those amazing young people deliver over 17 projects in one Action Plan to the United Nations, to be achieved and implemented on a global scale.

Not just that, World Merit has also supported our own personal projects and provided us with world-class mentorship through different experts that you would not be able to find all in one place, united by one vision.

I will forever be grateful to this family. World Merit is the only place where I can safely say is my home.

​​​​​​​- Safa Salwan – Bagdad, Iraq
Written By Safa Salwan