Waste. No one wants it but we all create it. I am in no way living a waste free lifestyle, but I am trying to take a step closer to this ideal whenever possible. There are small changes we can all make especially in our purchasing habits, be that a recyclable toothbrush or jeans that last a lifetime. Hopefully things such as not using plastic bags and reducing food bought in plastic packaging are pretty obvious steps. Taking it further requires a little more research and thought, a consciousness and awareness that everything we buy uses energy to be made which is wasted when we discard the item.

The aim of this blog is to showcase some of the items you can chose to purchase. As these things do tend to cost more money; sometimes take a little more effort to both purchase and continue to use. No longer grabbing another bottle of water on the way to work for example. However, I feel it’s obvious that in the long term this pays off in multiple forms, both financially and environmentally. You also end up with a much higher quality item, so its better and even more pleasant to use. It’s time to start buying things as an investment, not as a convenience. 

I was unsure which item to start with, as I have acquired a few over the past 6 months. So I thought it would be fitting to start where this all started for me personally, one of the first facts I learnt about our horrendous misuse of plastic is that every toothbrush ever produced is still on this planet, in fact every bit of plastic ever made is still in existence. The toothbrush fact really interested me, when we are advised to swap them every 3 months, and you think of the whole population this is mind blowing. There is then another upsetting reality that not everyone can afford a toothbrush. 


Leading to my first example and at the low end of cost scale, just £3.99; the wonderful Humble Brush. Directly from their website :
Choose the toothbrush that is more than just a good toothbrush. Humble Brush is not just cool and not just kind to our planet. Uniquely - for every sold Humble Brush, we donate a toothbrush to people in need of oral care.

The brush itself is made from 100% biodegradable bamboo and Nylon 6 which is the most biodegradable nylon in the world. As stated above they donate a toothbrush for every one bought, this is through their charity Humble Smile Foundation. Their work is amazing, tangible action on the ground making a real difference. To me this is a perfect product, pushing the design to make a sustainable brush that still performs while giving back to the global community.

“As a dentist, Humble Brush was made not only to provide a very effective clean but also to be humble towards the planet and it’s inhabitants. Why not make a difference every day when you brush your teeth?”

So, I open the box and find the brush in a wrapper; a completely compostable box and wrapper. It feels so well made, one solid smooth handle, actually almost luxurious compared to a cheap plastic brush. The bristles are just right and it is super easy to use, I love the fact that the bamboo is naturally antibacterial. 

Note that they come in two sizes, adult and child with different bristle options and great colour options. Our neighbours have two children ages 5 and 3, since using my Humble Brush I have given them both the children’s brush. They loved them, even understanding that it helps other children who can’t buy one and it helps ‘save the planet’.

I am not sure what else can be said about a toothbrush, it works and it addresses two sustainable issues. 

All I can really say is that I will be bulk buying from the Humble Brush website.


I learned that its difficult to take a good photograph of a toothbrush, so have included some from the Humble Brush media pack.

Written By Vicky Hardman