Tsewang's Story

WorldMerit360 felt like rollicking back in the childhood days where we are like a sponge, where our inquisitiveness is at the highest level and our mischievous nature is inevitably portrayed. On the first day when we left for Pennsylvania from New York, I was befuddled. There was an amalgamation of emotions running in my nerves. Initially, I sensed cold breeze of pandemonium attack. I only saw and felt hands coming in towards me. As I hesitantly paved my way and started interacting with other delegates, I found my solace amidst everyone's presence. My excitement knew no demarcation when I would happily introduce myself. We were so engrossed in introducing and sharing our common topics that a 4-hour bus ride quickly swept away. The program was nestled in the exotic location of Pennsylvania, totally hidden in the midst of wilderness. Indian Head Camp was our home for the next 2 weeks. Every day felt like traveling the world. Every day, every hour you come across people from different nations with their amazing stories that are worth listening and sharing. Apart from the daily tete-a-tete with the APEs, we also got the opportunity to interact with the influential leaders who are experts in their own game. Each and every speaker inspired us to dream. I have to say, everyone made us re-think our purpose for our life. They pushed us to be the ultimate go-getters. Highlighting on the powerful virtue of voicing our opinion and on the true essence of story telling, they gave us the sheer motivation to be the catalyst for change. My encounter with all these speakers has generated the inevitable paroxysm of hope, a warm feeling of comfort on my quest to conquer my dream. The connection I have made with all the speakers is definitely one of the major highlights for me and I truly, eternally and completely feel very blessed to have the pleasure of connecting and sharing my small Himalayan world with all these prominent leaders. Throughout the course of 16 days, I have reluctantly allowed myself to be challenged, asked questions and even get offended. I have been on a voyage to explore my weaknesses and have succeeded in discovering the hidden potential of greater strengths. It has been an incredible 16 days filled with the apotheosis of passion, impact driven initiatives and the dawn of an eternal friendship. I'm sure for me as well as everyone, applying to this program legitimately has been the wisest decision we have ever taken in our lives. WorldMerit360 is over, but this is just the beginning of our new lives. The actions, impact, and friendship we have nurtured in these 16 days will stay for years to come. One world, one community, and one family.

Tsewang Nuru Sherpa - Kathmandu, Nepal

Written By Tsewang Nuru Sherpa