Aniel's Story

Joining the WM Facilitation group goes up as one of the most impactful experiences I have had in my life. Working closely with my SDG group I saw the impact that I had as a facilitator first hand. Leading them, guiding them, stepping in and acting as a mediator and then also letting them just be and smiling at the group dynamics as they all worked and pulled together. It was magical and also a great reminder of what impact one person can have on a group of people in a small amount of time.

Looking at what the conference brought to all the delegates, the projects, the inspirational talks the connections it was all worth while. When you bring a group of like minded people together who all are here to help move and shape the world for the better there is the feeling of being human. Of equality of caring of trust, something this world needs more than ever in this connected day and age. It is something that the youth of the world can teach and show the older generations.
One of my close friends once told me, that the stories we tell, are the stories we live and to walk away with these stories from World Merit is exactly the type of stories I want to live with. To build stories and connections that enable change.

Aniel Bhaga - Sweden
Written By Aniel Bhaga