Vebz's Story

World Merit has been an amazing platform to connect with people who share the same values, passion and vision of making a difference in the world. When I joined World Merit, I was immediately exposed to a wide range of opportunities to take action and make an impact - from joining the 21-day challenge which had a positive impact on my daily habits to participating in the WorldMerit360 program where I was able to meet inspiring changemakers from all around the world. When you meet people from different countries who grew up with a different perspective in life, you become more in touch to the reality of the challenges that this world is facing - poverty, poor access to education, violence and terrorism and the hazards brought by climate change. Also, you gain a better appreciation on the motivation of these young leaders to be the change that the world needs. Through World Merit, I realized that indeed, human beings are essentially good at the very core and we are all united as ONE. World Merit made me feel that we are not alone in our struggles and that we have a solid support system in this community.

Vebz Viado - Philippines

Written By Vebz Viado