Mantsebeng's Story

When I heard about world merit I was astounded because it represented what I actually was and wanted to further become,a mover and shaker in my community.Knowing about its existence,discovering the global community of changemakers inspired me more to continue more with all the charity work I was already involved in.It enlarged my vision because I realised that I could not be enclosed in just solving one SDG but also more SDGs. World merit became a haven for me when I felt like my world was crumbling,I only had to look at other countries' youths to know I could make impact and help my own community aswell.In a nutshell it gave me courage to never give up and focus on what I believed in.Merit360 was one of the most impactful events because I never knew there was such a huge,diverse,knowledge sharing,impactful decision making platform for the youth such as that.even though I didn't attend it,I was affected by its effects nevertheless. For once I realised that we matter as the youth and can be able to make change in our lives. World merit increased my desire to make a change in my community and to make sure that the SDGs are too priority in my life.It also connected me with amazing people who are greating wonderful impacts in their societies.

Mantsebeng Suzan Maepe - Lesotho


Written By Mantsebeng Maepe