Felix's Story

I really appreciate the work of World Merit. It impacts my life because it enables young entrepreneurs to be connected to opportunities. The most striking is that with World Merit, I am connected to the whole world. I see all the opportunities. It has opened my eyes. Since I am a World Merit member, I am using the SDGs to impact my community. My impactful moment is when I brought together a big group of people for the World Merit Event. I am a leader of local NGO whose aim is to help people to fight everything which is against the wellbeing of people. Since I organised World Merit Day 2016, I am now ready to change my community.

World Merit brought to me a change in my manner of doing things and thinking. In my life path, the impact is that no matter how big or small money we have, it is possible to fight the problems of hunger, poverty, etc.This is how World Merit changed me.

Felix Ndereyimana - Burundi

Written By Felix Ndereyimana