Augusté's Story
I remember the first project I have done as a World Merit community member. Just like most of the initiatives I have done, this one was also inspired by a World Merit challenge, in this instance, it was 'A Story to Tell' contest. And the story I wanted to tell about myself, the community I live in, Lithuania or even nowadays society was a story of daring to dream. Together with few other volunteers I went to the main square of Lithuania's capital Vilnius, brought a human size mirror with myself and lots of colorful markers. Our team was welcomed with curious looks of passers-by, soon more people came closer asking, what was that we were doing there. 'We are inviting people to come to a mirror and looking at the reflection of themselves write on a mirror what would you do If you weren't afraid'.

Participants got intrigued and hooked on an idea and dared opening up. The mirror was rapidly being filled with colorful dreams: I would have lots of kids, open a bakery, sing loudly, quit smoking, become an astronaut. It was beautiful inspiring spiritual and encouraging experience. But most importantly this project reminds us what a loss is an untapped potential. This idea still resonates with me very strongly. Just as it was quoted previously, the human is such a perfect creature, all that needs to be done is letting him or her radiate that greatness. That is exactly what World Merit does.

Augusté Dudutyté - Lithuania 
Written By Augusté Dudutyté