World Merit - Am I the youngest member?
Hi I’m Daisy, and being only 11 I think I am the youngest member of World Merit. I was inspired to join when Marlou (with the help of my mum) came to visit my old primary school in 2016 when I was in year six.  She told us about  what World Merit does and the importance of the organisation and we were set a challenge to do something out of the ordinary, a small thing in one of the 17 sustainable development goals. My mum said I ought to become a member, I did not argue with this because as well as wanting to join to help others, I knew that if I joined I might get a cool t-shirt!

I have joined the gender equality and quality education/girls education  ‘groups ‘ as I felt that these were the most relevant choices for me to be able to act on. The first thing I am hoping to do - because Marlou came in to school and inspired me – is to go to my old primary school and give a talk about World Merit to hopefully inspire others.

To do this I will have to email my teacher  requesting  if  I may go and do a presentation about World Merit at my primary school and if so , when would be appropriate , bearing in mind I will have to create a timetable around end of year exams for me. Afterwards I will have to create and prepare a presentation suitable to show to year six.  Also I will have to ask my secondary school if I can go out of class for an afternoon, but with any luck they will let me! This will be my first time doing a presentation for this amount of people (around 60) so if anyone has got any pointers let me know.

There may be updates on my progress, but wish me luck!
Written By Daisy Hodges