Farzad's Story
My name is Farzad Mushfiq and my success story begins I joined World Merit. It might just be a name... an organization for some, but for me it was a door to worldwide opportunities and to explore my capabilities to make positive impacts and to become an activist for peace and justice and an ideal youth in a war-torn country like Afghanistan. With the help of World Merit I was able launch the country office in Afghanistan and with the support of this outstanding organization, I become the leading person. 

From hosting the Global Bake sale to the World Merit Day, we have influenced more than 200 youths to join World Merit and World Merit Afghanistan and to be a change maker in their community, society, country and finally to the whole world. World Merit Afghanistan was the first organization to introduce United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Afghanistan.

Because of my positive impact through World Merit platform the university that I am studying awarded me the prestigious award of (40 under 40 award) dedicated to my academic impact, leadership qualities and positive influence and impact for leading an international charity organization in Afghanistan. 

I owe my success and my positive attitude to this organization. “What World Merit has taught me is the importance of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world aiming to end poverty, reduce inequality, tackle climate change and how an ordinary youth can identify its potential to be changemaker and activist in any country in the world and to make positive impacts”. 

Farzad - Afghanistan
Written By Farzad