Ella's Story
From my experience, World Merit did impact my life when my city chapter, Jakarta, was planning to create Peace Festival event last June. The objective of this event was to promote peace to young people through talk show, art performances, and charity. During the preparation, we were working together finding various partners to collaborate with such as CINTAindonesia (, Greenpeace Indonesia, Rumah Kopaja Jakarta and the other stakeholders. The insightful moment was during the discussion with those partners about world and local peace condition. It showed me that this kind of movement in Indonesia is quite a lot and each community has its own unique way to promote peace to people. Still during the pre-event, I had to find donation beneficiaries that we had have gained through previous Global Bake Sale. In order to find the right one, it also connected me to various non formal schools for street children which established by youth/groups and orphanages. It was a long process.

In my opinion, seeing the power of youths joining this event to drive peace in our diverse community should be appreciated and supported, also it could be better if one and another stakeholders could link together spreading massive positive ideas since there are still a lot of people concerned about SDGs and want to give a hand for its achievement. We often get very positive respond and chance from government or private stakeholders to work together in various activities. I would not have this opportunity if I did not join World Merit Indonesia Jakarta Region. It was wonderful how I can give a little support from my country to UN or also to other people getting better opportunity in life. I gained a lot skills, experiences, and connection within the first year. I am looking forward to being involved in another inspiring moments with World Merit.

Ella Nanda - Indonesia
Written By Ella Nanda