Naef's Story

Ever since high school, I have been seeking for opportunities to develop my inherent skills and become a great change maker and I found that World Merit is a great asset for me.

Being a part of World Merit, I have developed my understanding of the most pressing issues that the whole world is facing. From poverty to life bellow water and beyond. Needless to mention that I have got to know way too many problems, such as poverty, are not a mere local problem but a global challenge that we all face. I have got to be aware that we are in an interconnected world; meaning that what happens in the south of the world would have an impact in the north, east and west. Realizing that thinking sociology and globally is an important thing to get to the root of any global issue, coming up with actions for now has become more obvious, reachable and close as well. In addition, it is also the network that World Merit offers which enhances my understanding of other cultures and behaviors as I got to know different social change makers from every corner of the planet.

Written By Naef Alkamel