Estefania's Story

When I came across World Merit I had already been doing things on my own but sometimes they felt tiny actions that had not much impact. I joined WM through Your Big Year competition and going through the challenges and things that had to be achieved to get to the next level of the competition, I realised that the challenge itself was more related to battling inner fears and thoughts about yourself that hold you back. In a few weeks I had done things I had not imagined I would do, which included putting an event together! Everyone can do the unimaginable; just put together the passion and a little push. Through World Merit I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people with similar purpose and also from similar communities.
Last year, I was part of the facilitation team for the Merit360 program in NYC and saw the community work towards the SDGs with such power! We delivered the first Action Plan to tackle the SDGs at the UN. How can you not be part of something so good for the world?


Estefania Henkel - Mexico

Written By Estefania Henkel