Leonidas' Story
World Merit impact my life by getting skills and leadership to empower community, to organize events myself without any help and to fund raise for those event.Through World Merit, i have been connected to opportunities and i am known as young leader in Africa.I got friends leader worldwide because of World Merit Leaders HQ.Now, i have credibility in Burundi as Country Representative, i am invited in many local meetings and contribute to change World into a better place.

I remember how i organized a big event of one week before the World Merit Day "Change behavior and Lake Tanganyika protection", it was a big event in which i organized activities of one week even the Minister of water and environment join me in the event and i had many participants in it.Now, i am known to the name of changemaker because of activities i did for and with humanity especially young people through capacity building and empower them to become movers, shakers and changemakers.World Merit helped me to know, tackle and commit to UN SDGs. I was inspired to plan and lead new initiatives, project and Program as World Merit Country Representative.

Leonidas Nzigamasabo - Burundi
Written By Leonidas Nzigamasabo