Mart's Story

World Merit opened something up inside me.Let me explain.

What AIESEC triggered three years ago, Merit360 made it bloom. It has something to do with an unconditional energy to do good or to commit to something that is not for your personal win. A large part of this is due to the people that I have met during Merit360. The people, the surroundings, the energy and most importantly the moment. It all came together at once and inspired many of us. With many I mean the people that are still committed and trying to make have an impact in their own communities. regardless of reward, but for the greater good. World Merit has impact my life in various ways. First of all it made me see the urgency of acting upon the SDGs. Especially through hearing people's life stories and the situation in their country, this impacted me deeply. That's why in my daily life I give workshops to University- and high school students on the SDGs. In my professional life I aim to help big corporations to align their strategy with the SDGs.


Mart van Kuijk - the Netherlands

Written By Mart van Kuijk