Koty's Story

I have been I have been in activism since 14-years old, with many organizations (OXFAM on the LINE), others local ones, but for the first time, I feel that I am working with an organization which gives me the possibility to make the change that I have been dreaming about for so long.
Others formal organizations have specific agendas, that do not really impact, most of the time, lives of local community where they are implemented.
World Merit changes that fact. With  its flexibility and diversity of programs, through what we can make an impact in any area of life, and the freedom of country officers to tackle the real issues of our country, and the support of a global community to achieve our goals.
In my country office, we have not joined the organization for so long, and have faced some issues to understand the contents, since we are French-speaking country.

Sharing experiences with other countries offices helped a lot to understand a lot about the way we can run this organization efficiently in MALI. We are very ambitious, and excited to bring alive the programs we have planned for this year 2017: 1) YOUTH ADDICTION To DRUGS & ALCOHOL, 2)  Project: YOUTH mini SUMMIT in MALI. Those two projects are kind of “life or death” issues in my country, because increasing of the amount of young people who are dying from drugs, and the multiple political crisis we have faced, and are facing till now because of the lack of quality education, of the population.

World Merit is giving us the opportunity to being part of solutions we need for a better future. A Chinese quote said: If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to far, go together. With World Merit, we are going far, in diving into our real issues and gain the legitimacy to work on them and fix them.Most of all, I feel like I am working for an extension of the United Nations, and standing for actions, which are global matters. I am proud of being member of such a wonderful global soldiers.


Koty Cisse - Mali

Written By Koty Cisse