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How can I build my World Merit Council?
World Merit is an ever-growing community of 120.000+ changemakers from every country in the world. Our community has the knowledge and network on the ground to make a direct impact. With 126 Councils and counting, World Merit community is on its way to the most impactful platform of its sort. Are you passionate about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Do you know what SDGs are most pressing in your city and can’t you wait to do something about them? Then build your World Merit Council now!


600 people from all over the world
100 teams
Local impact
Tackle the World’s most pressing issues
Incredible prizes
Portugal, your home city and Morocco

The Cost
To launch your own World Merit Council, all it takes is 3 simple steps:

1. Register on the World Merit platform
2. Become a paying World Merit member (£1,50 per month or £15,- per year)
3. Launch your Council
- £200,- licencing fee (per year)
- Submit the application form
You are now ready to take part in our global competition on local impact: The World Merit Council Cup!
We offer more skills and prizes to the teams wanting to go the extra mile!
We have set fundraising deadlines for the teams who want to add fundraising and marketing skills to their pallet of qualities as a World Merit Council.

- You can win one of up to 10 spots on a prestigious conference in Mexico
- You can win a trip to World Merit HQ and the British parliament
- Your team can win a trip to the United Nations
- Your team can win a trip to a ‘buddy’ Local Merit Council somewhere around the world.
- All team members become eligible to join our World Merit Global Council
- Presidents can be chosen to be World Merit Global President for one year (2018)
- More opportunities and rewards to be announced soon.

28 May – 1 June 2017
1 team member of each team (preferably the President) comes to Estoril, Portugal for attending the Estoril Conferences and to kick off the World Merit Council Cup!
28th May – introduction
29th May – Youth Summit
30th May – Estoril conferences
31st May – Estoril conferences
1 June – World Merit Council Cup Kickoff

Challenge 1: Launch

Dr. David Nabarro, the special advisor to the United Nations Secretary General on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change challenged World Merit to build 700.000 activists.

Every year we celebrate World Merit Day on 24th July. In 2014 Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai was present and this year all LMCs are asked to host a World Merit Day in their region to get as many young leaders and new World Merit members together as possible, to invite key partners and speakers all to have as many people know about World Merit. The event is focused on the SDGs. A UN/World Merit survey will be online for a 6-month period after which each LMC will be challenged to get a press release with the collected data to be used in local and national media.

Key components:
-Host World Merit Day (24th July) event focused on the SDGs.
- Engage all potential partners, speakers, sponsors and leaders.
- Design quality event for the day
- Collect as many surveys as possible
- Film and photograph the event and use this to build LMC promotional video
- Build World Merit membership and recruit SDG advocates for your LMC
- Submit your impact report

Challenge 2: Outreach
This challenge provides you the opportunity to reach out to the most influential people in your region and in the world. In our experience all leaders want to meet with and be interviewed by the upcoming. If you are respectful and flexible, getting into the diaries of the most powerful people on the planet is easy when you have a purpose behind meeting them. Arranging SDG-focused interviews with the rich and famous, the political and the philantrophic is your challenge. We will give you core questions and you will add amazing people to your network forever!

Key components:
- Interview influential people
- Produce high quality footage
- Get permission and share footage, quotes and thoughts in varied media.
- Build partnerships and links and perhaps patronage from established leaders

Challenge 3: Exchange & Engage
Working beyond beliefs and borders is key to the success of any individual leader of World Merit, and in achieving the SDGs. Cultural exchange is integral to everything we do and we want you to get to know other leaders of World Merit. For this challenge you will get to partner another LMC. You will get to know them, understand them and sell them. We want you to creatively tell the world how cool another LMC is. Run a membership campaign. Highlight Council member’s passion for an SDG. Produce a bite-size video for their social media, do whatever you can to sell them – they will be working hard to do the same for you! Make friends with your buddied LMC, you will be meeting them soon.

Key components:
- Buddy up with another LMC, they will become your sister city, your brothers in action.
- Create a marketing campaign to sell a different LMC. Build materials for them to build their membership and impact.
- Share best practices and ideas
- Learn about issues and opportunities in a different region.

Challenge 4: Educate
The best way to learn is to teach! You and your members are set the challenge of passing an online course and then are challenges to teach the same topic to primary school kids in this SDG4 centered global challenge. This is a real chance for you to engage the generation following you and to share your growing knowledge.

Key components:
- Pass a short online course in a selected related topic
- Teach children at school or in youth clubs, inspire the next generation to become SDG activists (and to join World Merit).

Challenge 5: Partner
One of the key components of World Merit is to try and provide access to opportunities for all people based on merit. In this challenge each LMC will be asked to find partners to make deposits into the growing World Merit Opportunity Bank. This challenge will help us build a database of opportunities that young people around the world will work hard to earn through taking SDG related actions!

Key components:
- Approach partners to secure opportunities for others – including internships, scholarships, mentoring, travel, conference passes, equipment and anything else that would inspire people to earn these rewards.
- Create local challenges and actions. Use selected rewards secured by your LMC to build membership and increase SDG-related activity regionally.
- Populate the World Merit Opportunity Bank to motivate global youth to take action.
- Establish relationships with local and global government, businesses, philanthropists, charities and academic institutions amongst others.

28 December – 3 January 2018
All teams and all team members come to Morocco for the finals of the World Merit Council Cup. This is where we have the awards night, where we announce presidents for 2018, announce the Global Merit Council President. This is also where we think of New Years’ resolutions for 2018. These resolutions will become an important guidance for the entire World Merit Community.