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If you want to be in the running to win one of the 8 places on the Unleash program in Denmark, you have to enter into the World Merit Council Cup

The World Merit Council Cup is the global competition for local action. Are you passionate about having a positive impact? This program contains a series of 6 pre-set challenges focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals from June 2017- December 2017. In teams that will also become Local Merit Councils (e.g. World Merit Liverpool), you will work on the challenge, develop the World Merit community, grow our impact for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also win incredible prizes. The competition starts in June with a gathering of all team presidents in Portugal and will conclude in December with a final conference for all teams and team members in Morocco.


600 people from all over the world
100 teams
Local impact
Tackle the World’s most pressing issues
Incredible prizes
Portugal, your home city and Morocco

The Cost
The total of the World Merit Council Cup per person will be £795.

- Team president gets to go to Portugal for kick off (5 days all expenses covered)
- You can win one of 10 fully funded spots on a prestigious conference in Denmark
- You can win one of up to 10 spots on a prestigious conference in Mexico
- You can win a trip to World Merit HQ and the British parliament
- Your team can win a trip to the United Nations
- Entire team gets to come to Morocco for finals (5 days all expenses covered)
- Your team can win a trip to a ‘buddy’ Local Merit Council somewhere around the world.
- All team members become eligible to join our World Merit Global Council
- Presidents can be chosen to be World Merit Global President for one year (2018)
More opportunities and rewards to be announced soon.

28 May – 1 June 2017
1 team member of each team (preferably the President) comes to Estoril, Portugal for attending the Estoril Conferences and to kick off the World Merit Council Cup!
28th May – introduction
29th May – Youth Summit
30th May – Estoril conferences
31st May – Estoril conferences
1 June – World Merit Council Cup Kickoff

The World Merit Council Cup consists of 7 challenges focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The challenges are designed so that because of challenges, you and your team not only make your mark in your city because of raising awareness and taking action around the SDGs, but you also will have developed your Merit Council, ready to continue driving change in 2018 and after.

Challenge 1 - Engage: SDG Survey. Collect data from World Merit demographic. Then write a press release and get survey results in local media.
Challenge 2 – Convene: World Merit Day. Events to happen all around the World on July 24th. Film showing and sharing. Make member marketing video.
Challenge 3 – Partner: The Great Opportunity Collaboration. Deposits into the great World Merit Opportunity Bank. Collecting internships, scholarships, mentoring, travel, conference passes etc. for all World Merit members to enjoy.
Challenge 4 – Exchange: The Beauty of Others. Get to know another LMC. Love them. Understand them. Sell them… creatively tell the world how cool another LMC is. Run a membership campaign. Highlight Council member’s passion for an SDG. Produce a bite size video for their social media maybe.
Challenge 5 – Educate: The Global SDG4 Challenge. The best way to learn is to teach! Pass an online course, teach it to primary school kids. Prizes given for most local members who pass online course and teach! Internships given to individuals who perform best on the challenge itself.
Challenge 6 – Outreach: People of Merit. We are reaching out to the most influential people in the World. Arrange interviews with the rich and famous, the political and the philanthropic. We will give you core questions and you will add them to your network forever!
Challenge 7 – Impact Report. Metrics and measurements are to be built. Impact report to be brought to Morocco and presented.

28 December – 3 January 2018
All teams and all team members come to Morocco for the finals of the World Merit Council Cup. This is where we have the awards night, where we announce presidents for 2018, announce the Global Merit Council President. This is also where we think of New Years’ resolutions for 2018. These resolutions will become an important guidance for the entire World Merit Community.