What is a Country Office?
A Country Office is a team of passionate individuals who represent World Merit in the country they live by taking action in the form of arranging events, creating opportunities and develop key skill in order gain opportunities, support their community and tackle the Sustainable Development Goals.







NOTE: Only countries recognised (as such) by the United Nations are listed. not dependenies and/or territories.
Regarding England, Scotland and Wales though considered individual countries are all part of the United Kingdom (UK).
South Sudan is the planets newest country.

Country Office Representatives (CORs) met in person at Merit360: New York 2016 during the Global Village Party event

What would you like the world around you to look like?
As a Country Office Representative you’ll be responsible for taking an active role as part of your team. Being an active COR could mean developing your skills in a marketing and communications, leadership and management or creative goal whilst you raise awareness and tackle the SDGs that affect your world most.