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7/100 ideas


The World Merit community is standing together in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We're collecting 100 ideas that can allow us to continue making impact until on-the-ground activities can resume.


We challenge you to come up ideas that community members can carry out and replicate in their communities to help fight against the effects of COVID-19. Read through the other ideas below and then click "Share my Idea" to contribute.

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7 Community Contibutions

Raisonnablement , l approche la plus fiable pour ralentir la propagation du COVID19 , le coronavirus est de se soutenir à l’écart des autres . les représentants du gouvernement conseillent a tous de respecter la distance sociale limitée a 1 mètre . Cependant , il serait irritant de garder une trace de notre environnement pendant qu’on est enterré dans notre boulot ou dans notre appareil ou meme de se retourner toutes les 30 secondes et de garder si quelqu’un s’approchait de soi

manar kabbali

Everyone has a major role to play. Self-isolating and staying at home can impact mental and physical health. So it is essential to stay positive, happy and healthey. Practice yoga, meditation, and exercises (walking, running, squats and such-ups); learn new skills; read; virtual connecting with loved ones; get plenty of sleep; and importantly, strengthen your immune system through a proper diet.

Amal Aldaej

Lockdown is taken as a major step towards tackling corona virus transmission. And now it has been a problem in developing nations with huge number of migrant workers where they are finding it difficult to live a normal life or even survive. So, everyone should help people around your community who are finding it hard even to solve the hand-to-mouth problem. Be it donating a packet of biscuit or sack of rice, everyone should do their part.

Nabin Neupane

ABSTRACT: CORONA VIRUS is a one kind of affected new disease in the World.The disease is affected by corona virus patients or by attacked environments.We have to protect this disease by some system.We have to eat high protein foods & Vitamin C fruits daily for protecting new Corona Virus.We have to drink plenty of pure water everyday.We have to drink hot lemon tea 4-5 times or hot water with lemon & little salt.We have to make society distance for protecting Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Scientist Engr. Md. Abul Fazal

1.Take care of the elderly 2.Follow social distancing 3. Follow Ayush advisories, increase immunity 4. Help the poor 5. Be sensitive to employees 6. Pay respect to frontline workers These 6 point we are following in India. Stay home and stay safe Thank you

Rahul mashal

I suggest that the society should also be given hope by sharing with them about the stories of people who have recovered from the pandemic.Lack of positive and encouraging information also causes mental degregation and also brings about the thought of Death and one cannot focus on Recovery at all.The society should also come up with television channels where the victims that have recovered can be interviewed and share their story Linet Chepkui,KENYA

Linet Chepkui

Record audio files reading children's books aloud and share them with your children, nieces, nephews, and their friends. Work together to put a large number of these files together in one place for downloading, so kids can be entertained during their long days at home.

Marc Hinton