What is Merit360?

Merit360 conferences are large youth lead forums and the loudest call to action concerning the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). It is the best combination of collaborative projects, cultural exchange and fun activities.
The program encompasses a two week conference that brings together amazing activists from all over the world. Delegates who are known as Action Plan Executors will meet and make lasting connections with peers from almost every sector, country and industry.

London & Chester: August 28th - September 8th 2018

Learn Skills,
Create Impact Get hands on help to gain project funding
How it works?
1Apply today in order to secure your spot.
2Application accepted. We will send you the next steps regarding visa, payment & travel. More information in FAQs
3 Join our online virtual program and meet your SDG team, mentors, and the fun begins!
4Land in the United Kingdom and enjoy the life-changing experience!
"World Merit's Merit360 has changed my life. After my attendance at the first version in New York. I have worked as a staff member in 360 UK. I went from someone who dreamed to someone who achieves. World Merit exists to find people with unfulfilled potential and unleash their capabilities, changing the world in the process."
- Brena Lacerda, Brazil
"Merit360 is a life changing experience for anyone who aims to be a change maker. Merit360 is your chance to be the change, and to have the opportunity of make dreams come true. "
- Alaa Al-Abdrabbuh, Saudi-Arabia
"The biggest challenge for me was finding a way I could communicate and educate a larger, international community of people. Because of Merit360, I was able to find a group of passionate people from around the world who also wanted to speak up for our oceans. If you're contemplating on if you should go, or you're worried about having the money to attend, just try. It really is life changing."
- Laura Bailes, Hawaii
"Merit360 is a micro cosmos where our world is reflected in all its beautiful and problematic parts. Being a part of that cosmos helped me to understand our world as a whole much better and equipped me to be an effective changemaker."
- Leon Houf, Germany
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