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Want to find the SDG that suits you?
Try our quiz below and let us suggest one.

1. What do you most regularly use the internet for at home?

2. Four candidates with different policies are running for government, who would you vote for based on the following policies?

3. Which of the options below bothers you the most at home?

4. Which world crises do you wish you could have stopped?

5. You're about to donate money to a poorer community, which would you want it spend on?

6. You have job offers, all at the same salary. Which do you take?

7. You're about to go to prison under an oppressive government, what did you do?

8. You're doing charity work in a school, what are you giving a talk about?

9. You're on a remote island, what would you take with you?

10. You meet a homeless man, do you..

11. Should cigarettes be sold? (with which do you agree most)

12. You're shopping for a new outfit, where do you shop?

13. You're sending a care package to a woman in a remote community, what do you put in it?

14. You can go on an expedition, where do you go?

15. You have money to invest in a school, what do you buy?

16. Your local government is passing a new law, what would you campaign for the hardest?