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What is the World Merit Summit?

The World Merit Summit is our annual event and biggest gathering. It brings together up to 500 young changemakers from all over the world. World Merit community and youth activists from around the globe, each of whom is excited to connect, learn, share and work together to develop a strategy and plan for significant impact framed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Bringing these young leaders together offers the incredible opportunity to harness the energy of a vibrant and powerful community of changemakers, united through exploring a shared vision through one remarkable week preparing you to make a lasting impact and your future career.

The World Merit Summit focuses on empowering, upskilling and inspiring our changemakers through an enriching program of lectures, panels, and workshops throughout one intense week. Keynote speakers are invited, as well as prominent members of our community, making up an eclectic and inspiring mix of pioneers, entrepreneurs, activists and distinguished international guests.


“It's easy to feel like your work doesn't matter when you don't see the bigger picture and this Summit reminded me that impact is always impact—no matter how big or small. It also reminded me that the act of service, in and of itself, is the most enriching experience.”

Soukaine Rachidi

“I cannot express my gratitude for these 5 extraordinary and MAGIC days you made me live. 5 days of learning, sharing, exchange, change, positivity, love and happiness. I had the opportunity to listen to you talk about your dreams, my advice is to have confidence in you, go for it and live your passion. I Learned a lot from the World Merit Summit, which was for me and all the participants a portal to even better things.”

Zahira Dlimi

World Merit Summit 2019

University Mohammed VI







Who can be there?

Anybody committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and wants to realise them as practical projects that benefit their own community and the wider world.
Anybody who is, or plans to be, engaged in a World Merit Council.
Anybody who is interested in learning more about World Merit and wants to be engaged in World Merit.
Anybody who sees themselves as future leaders and drivers of social change.
Anybody who wants to learn about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and wants to make an impact.

A lifetime opportunity to...


• Develop personal skills and capabilities
• Enjoy training from global experts
• Learn how to measure and report impact
• Get trained on the SDGs
• Learn how to tackle the SDGs you are passionate about


• Connect to global young leaders
• Meet inspirational professionals
• Find a leading experienced mentor

Make an Impact

• Turn your ideas to action and get supported
• Prepare and unveil your 2020-2021 Impact Plan

Celebrate & have fun

• Showcase and celebrate your impact
• Earn big rewards for your impact
• Enjoy daily Fun Activities