How can you support us?

We work together with purpose driven individuals and organisations from all sectors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, because we achieve more impact together. We encourage and appreciate support in all forms, from financial contributions to donation of time and expertise; we outline below some of the most common ways we engage supporters, however we always welcome new and innovative ideas for collaboration.

Make a donation
You can make a financial contribution to help World Merit in the various programs and projects that we run. This funding will contribute towards various initiatives, including scholarships for individuals who could not afford to attend our programs and funding for community projects around the world.

Donate Now
We aim to record and reward the social impact of young people around the world, allowing their stories to inspire others and for the value of their contributions to reflect in their personal lives. Therefore, our currency is opportunities and we are always looking for in-kind support of opportunities. These opportunities can be anything from technology, cultural experiences, education and professional skills development.
Help us in-kind
Partner with us
Your organisation can collaborate with World Merit to ensure your internal operations are aligned towards achieving sustainability. Investing your time and expertise provides benefits for both our impact around the world today, and equally the development of our young members to continue this work in the future. Some of our current partners even inspire and assist with our annual programs and events to ensure maximum impact when undertaking the 17 SGDs.

Our Partners

"We love World Merit’s impact as a global army for good. World Merit matches passionate, committed, creative people who are committed to making a diference with projects that make a positive impact on the world."

- Ron Boehm, The Boehm-Gladen Foundation