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COVID-19 in Context in Zimbabwe

Project Location: Zimbabwe
Project Leader: Tafadzwa Saidi
Global Task Force Team Members: Grishma (media), Amina (research), Ove (community connector)

Project Description

An informational campaign addressing the coronavirus pandemic in the context of other communicable diseases, such as Ebola, hepatitis, HIV and AIDS, malaria, cholera, typhoid, among others.


Many people in ZIMBABWE lack information and knowledge about infectious diseases of which they are always at risk. With lack of cure, prevention is better. Therefore, there is a need to equip people with information and raise awareness so that they know more about these diseases and also address the myths that are spread around which are not true and which cause harm to people who believe them.

The Solution

My team and I decided to create awareness campaigns on World Merit Zimbabwe Facebook page to spread awareness about infectious diseases. With no cure yet for some communicable diseases and Coronavirus it's best when the public know more and prevent themselves from getting the disease in the first place

The Impact

Many people in my country and Africa are currently centred on thinking about Covid 19 and forgetting that we still live in dire circumstances that make us prone to other infectious diseases as well such as diarrheal ones with poor water sanitation that is rife in Zimbabwe and most parts of Africa , vector borne ones such as malaria still is one of the major causes of deaths in Africa and sexually transmitted ones like HiV and Aids

Armed with this desire to spread information, I applied to the global task force who proceeded to make the project come to light. A dedicated team of researchers , media and design and community connectors were assigned to me and they did a great job and provided me with material to use in discerning the information to the general public via social media platforms since lockdowns had been implemented The design team made more than 80 slides after the research team provided them with the required information .Their dedication paid off as the information got to the masses I utilised various social media platforms and the World Merit Zimbabwe Facebook page to post the slides of information and got positive reviews.

Collectively across all media platforms the information reached more than 1500 people and counting and even had several people interested in joining World Merit Zimbabwe As a police officer and Paramedic it was my passion to use this project in tandem with the SDG Good health and wellbeing and got the chance to share information on this project to my colleagues Digital pamphlets were also made by the design and media team and are waiting for relaxation of lockdown in my country enough for me to share them to the masses who didn't get the chance to get information on social platforms

Project Leader Bio

Tafadzwa Saidi

My name is Tafadzwa Saidi. I was born on the 5th of January 1989. I'm 31 years old. I am the last born in a family of four. My Dad died 8 years ago.I grew up with my mother and my siblings Born in the town of Gweru ,Zimbabwe , I grew up with barely enough to survive so much that my big brother who was the sole breadwinner of the family had to cater for us all in terms of school fees and general upkeep while he himself was trying to build up his own family. I perceived through a lot even homelessness sometimes until I finished my high school . However, despite my humble upbringing I got to understand how it feels to have nothing and live with barely enough; it motivated me to always look out for others My current job as a policeman entails a lot of community serving at all levels. I also studied Emergency health and occasionally work as an Emergency health Practitioner thereby further allowing me to be that first responder to my community in times of medical emergencies. When I joined World Merit Zimbabwe, it opened more doors for me to do good for my community, country and World at large. I was introduced to a vibrant network of energetic youths, purpose driven to achieve the best for their communities.

As a result of my passion in the SDG Good health and wellbeing amongst other SDGs I was driven to help my Community in gathering more information on Communicable diseases and thus did a project aimed at enriching my community members with information regarding prevention of most of these diseases..The fact most diseases including Covid 19 have no cure it all leaves efforts of discerning information to the public to help them learn more about these diseases and help prevent themselves from them. The World Merit Global taskforce made it possible for the project to move forward and reach its objectives.