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Project Location: Algeria, Blida
Project Leader: Khaoula SI Ahmed
Global Task Force Team Members: Khadija (Community Connector), Justin and David (Research team)

Project Description

This is an online platform where we offer a number of online workshops and conferences related to languages , self development and technical skills. our main focus would be on language on how to acquire a language and how to be more fluent during this pandemic. We have different sessions monthly and weekly . like "movie sessions " "book talk" "debates" all these sessions would help the Algerian youth to be more fluent and comfortable when they communicate in any foreign language.


My community does not have the culture of online learning which prevents its members from benefiting from the large online resources . Also people don't believe in online classes they see them as a waste of time and money too.

The Solution

An online platform will help my community to break the barriers between online learning and their laziness. It is also going to help them to be active learners and have a new different experience.

Project Leader Bio

Khaoula SI Ahmed

kaoula SI AHMED is a teacher of general English and business English. Currently, she is an online teacher and she is the founder of "E-lema” a page of teaching English online . Kaoula is a very active person who believes in Algerian youths and change making, she has been a member of different organizations and events that work for empowering individuals and creating a better community. kaoula strives for progress and positive impact.