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Grant Research Project

Project Location: Kenya
Project Leader: Brian Ouchoh
Global Task Force Team Members: Ayomikun Olugbode

Project Description

Kenya's economy is suffering, making it difficult for local donors to contribute money to our local fundraising campaign for our mental health & PPE projects. The grants project is a collaborative database for information sharing, especially on available suitable grants for the global taskforce members. The database is a live document on google sheets with essential subcategories that make it easy to screen various grant and fund opportunities.


Not everyone has access to available grants that can cover the expenses of their project, and thus enable them to make a positive impact on their communities. This can be due to lack of information about where grants are posted, or simply because they are not aware of their existence in the first place.

The Solution

The global task force rallied great ideas on impactful projects across the world. With the many projects presented, the fundraising team was charged with the responsibility of supporting the project leaders with their fundraising needs. There was thus a need to find a quick way to identify and evaluate grant and fund opportunities that would suit different projects. The Grants project idea was born, which allowed team members across the globe to record suitable funds in a central database designed to ease screening and application of grants and funds. For example, a researcher in Morocco can spot a funding opportunity only available to Kenyan applicants, he will record the findings in the database to be accessed by a project leader in Kenya. Without the grants project database, the opportunity could easily be ignored.

Project Leader Bio

Brian Ouchoh

Brian Ouchoh is a Kenyan citizen and a professional financial analyst. He has a passion in empowering the less privileged In the society through economic empowerment, access to basic needs and promoting environmental sustainability. Brian has worked with World Merit Kenya, WM Global task force and other local charities in creating awareness, providing services and distribution of basic needs to the less privileged in the society.