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Mental Health for COVID-19 Nigeria

Project Location: Nigeria, Lagos
Project Leader: Ridwan Adebosin
Global Task Force Team Members: Khadija as a community connector, Shristy from research team and Younes from media and design

Project Description

We design online leadership training on Mental Health for Young People across the globe through digital media, as we all know young people are vulnerable to mental health anxiety, through these classes young people tend to know how to overcome their anxiety. These classes are being led by Activists, Doctors, Psychologists and Mental Health Coaches. We post useful tips on our social media handle these can help people when they are mentally down


The problem we are trying to solve is Mental Illnesses in young people in Nigeria

The Solution

Suggested solution is to create a safe platform where mental illness victims can feel safe to share their stories and also get help from psychologist

The Impact

Nectar Initiative is a non-governmental organization founded by Ridwan Adebosin in December 2019 after he suffered from depression as an undergraduate. The mission of this organization is to promote mental wellness in African society by shedding light to issues surrounding Mental Health and linking victims to experts where they can get help.

Nectar Initiative realized the COVID-19 pandemic has affected young minds negatively so they came up with a project tagged Mental Health for COVID-19 with support from World Merit Organization where we had 4 live Instagram sessions with over a hundred views, working with 10 volunteers

In the middle of these live sessions we were able to save a life that was at the brim of committing suicide, this happened to be a great thing we impacted on the society, people started referring cases to us. Our Instagram page came back to live and I and my team mastered the art of hosting Instagram lives

Collaboration is a great tool in achieving something great, through the support of the World Merit team, we were able to connect with other young minds working on Mental Health around the globe and maintain the relationship.

Project Leader Bio

Ridwan Adebosin

Ridwan Adebosin, a World Literacy Ambassador. He is a Distinction graduate of Medical Laboratory Technology at Lagos State College of Health Technology Yaba, Lagos., Ridwan is a Mental Health advocate with 4years of experience in leading youth programs.

He is the founder of Nectar Initiative, an organization that promotes mental wellness in African society.

He has received grants from Peace First Organization where he trained young people on how to overcome their anxiety amid pandemic, prepare themselves for post pandemic and their roles in prevention of suicide among fellow young minds. Ridwan is a Social Entrepreneur certified by UNICEF and UNDP. He is a serial volunteer for non-profits organizations.

Ridwan has served as Students' Union Speaker and simultaneously served as the Chairman of Lagos State Tertiary Speakers' Forum. Ridwan is passionate about good health and well-being of people