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Sehat Karwan

Project Location: Peshawar & Mansehra, Pakistan
Project Leader: Nadia Bibi Sarwar
Global Task Force Team Members: Khadija Amahal as the community connector, Amina Jamil form the research team and Raja Lahyani from social media and design team.

Project Description

Sehat Karwan created an initiative called corona response unit that helps people by making health care services accessible and efficient.


After the spread of COVID-19, the supply chain has become a major challenge for the public and the government. Everything was difficult to access including access to health care.

The Solution

Sehat Karwan created an initiative called #coronareponseunit to help people by making healthcare services accessible and efficient. The platform has made online doctor checkup possible at home by the use of telemedicine technology in Pakistan.

Project Leader Bio

Nadia Bibi Sarwar

Nadia Bibi Sarwar is a doctor, freelance writer, speaker and founder of Sehat Karwan, an online service designed to facilitate the patients following ailments and local emergencies immediately. She is also working in person for women empowerment to give females the confidence to speak out for their rights, free them out from this reckoned male dominating society and to change the worn out customs of the society. She is a member of Global Shaper Peshawar Hub, Core team Google Business Group, Education Youth Ambassador and Regional Director Asia pacific International Youth Federation.

She has been invited as a speaker nationally and internationally and spent her life in the social and youth sector, serving the cream people of the nation. She won several leadership awards. She is the first Pakistani to win the Best Speaker Award in Asia Pacific Future leader conference 2017 among 300 delegates from 30 different countries. She has a Doctorate degree from Khyber Medical University and bachelor’s degrees in Science from Hazara University Mansehra.