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World Merit is a radically inclusive, global community of young changemakers striving to positively change the world. We incentivise young people to tackle complex global issues in their community through equal access to opportunities.

The Journey of Merit

The 'Journey of Merit' is what makes World Merit unique, we create leaders by guiding and inspiring motivated young people through our councils, events and opportunities. Our leaders have gone through personal transformation while making a significant impact to their communities and the global Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Why

Our Vision

World Merit is here to unleash the upcoming generation to create waves of change.

Our Mission

We believe that complex global issues are fought by building confidence, raising aspirations and connecting diverse people of merit.

EPIC Values

Our core values are EPIC, These values are chosen by our community in 2014 and have been lived by ever since in everything we do.

Be a Leader


Be Innovative


Be You


Be Inclusive


Some tangible examples that show how these values stream through our blood are our five principles. PRIMER Principles


1% of all donations go to a fund of which 100% goes directly to our Councils for grassroots level projects and activities.

Radical Inclusivity

We strive to be as radically inclusive as possible. We are a community for everyone. We acknowledge that what excludes people is an inability to communicate in English and access to the internet. We are working hard to overcome this so we can truly be inclusive to all.


Partnerships between World Merit and others are built on a shared vision and based on mutuality and synergy. We always aim for a win-win-win outcome for our community, our partner and ourselves. Likewise, the actions of World Merit should never be at the expense, economic, environmental or otherwise, of others with whom we work.

Eighty-Twenty (80/20) Principle

80% of World Merit is developed by the next generation for the next generation, supported by the 20% who facilitate an environment for our community to flourish in.


We hire based on Merit and will ask you about your experiences rather than a list of accomplishments or grades. We love to hear about your journey, your drive and your passion and will never ask for a resume.

Our Achievements 2019


People Impacted


Hours Volunteered


Events Held

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