Sustainable energy and climate change from Leonidas Nzigamasabo (President World Merit Burundi)

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Sustainable energies, synonymous with renewable energy, are sources of energy whose natural renewal is fast enough that they can be considered inexhaustible on the scale of human time, therefore all energies that nature constitutes or restores more quickly than man uses them and does not pollute the environment as a whole.

We cannot say that before the years 1993, everything was good and holy, but for example from those years in our area we noticed an alternation of imbalance at the environmental level see the alternation of different kinds of political crises that have caused poverty to such an extent that quite a few Burundians have engaged in activities that could cause the greenhouse effect, but it seems that much effort has been made to combat these activities, but we have not been so satisfied that we can sit down, a lot of the effort to put into them is necessary.           

In these past years, quite a few Burundian citizens did not know what sustainable energy means, so many of them see agri-breeders or farmers, construction NGOs are attacking the environment in order to find out what can support their families, (in a word the search for treasure).These various activities carried out by man in itself, have become obstacles to his own life because he never thought of using sustainable energy or renewable energy as a solution and responses to the greenhouse effect. 

Activities harmful to human life include the search for pasture that causes man to attack the environment by bushfires, construction activities that push man to engage in deforestation and Extraction of stones, moist and sand in rivers without following the law governing them as well as on the Arabland, constructions of roads that push man to attack the environment, etc. All of this is classified as environmental activities and causing climate change, which then becomes harmful to the lives of living things. 

So, because we have observed a lot of human activities over the years and years, it is time to remind the Burundian population the best way to live with renewable energy, among others: oil-fired electricity, coal-fired electricity from other materials but not firewood, nuclear energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind power, biomass, hydropower,… All of this could appear as a solution to climate change at the expense of who uses them.  What could be beneficial is to mobilize the Burundian people to change their way of life to live in conflict with the environment but to establish the friendship between the environment. Given the state of the environment today, we can no longer doubt that a few years later we risk sinking into all the disasters we have caused ourselves and exposing the lives of our future generations. 

On the other hand, the use of sustainable energy could be the answer to future disasters that may manifest itself but also could allow future generations to live well in good relationship with the environment as a whole and to find the solution to environmental problems that may arise in their time.   Some might say that access to these renewable energies is not easy but the editor could say that once all Burundian people have access to sustainable energy we can say goodbye to climate change. 

Why is it said that climate change resolution has been neglected?

We have seen quite a bit of aggression towards the environment as a whole just as we have ignored that there are other ways to live and solve our problems related to daily life so the way to use sustainable energy as resolution and responses to climate change. 

Why use sustainable energy then?

 -View that with the use of different means of living other than sustainable energy can cause the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the ozone layer, it is possipossible to change our habits by using sustainable energy that is less dangerous to our environment, it also allows us to reduce the energy cost of our energy consumption. 

Let us conclude by saying that we can probably say that the only solution left to respond to climate change and save our own resources in order to safeguard our environment as a whole and allow a better Life for our future generations is probably useful of sustainable energy our Good Neighbour.

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