Kids VSLA Initiative

Kids VSLA Initiative is a part of the Gitega Merit Council project, and this initiative is dedicated to imparting invaluable lessons to children, encompassing financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and responsible money management. The ultimate goal is to equip these young minds with the skills they need to become financially responsible adults in the future.

The initiative serves as a multifaceted strategy, not only fostering financial education but also instilling core values in these budding individuals. At its core, this project seeks to ignite an entrepreneurial spark within the hearts of the upcoming generations. Through structured savings, even parents with limited means, including single mothers, have the opportunity to invest this money into small-scale businesses. Over an agreed-upon period, they return the funds with a modest interest.

After a six-month duration, the accumulated capital and interest from the provided credits are distributed. These empowered children then have the resources to purchase various items, ranging from clothing to pets like chickens, rabbits, and even goats for rearing. These animals not only contribute organic manure to households but also enhance agricultural yields in the long run. This initiative is not just about teaching financial skills; it’s about sowing the seeds of financial independence and community development among the younger generation.