Do Away With Plastics in Schools

Every week, a substantial number of plastic sachets, ranging from 1,000 to 25,500, are diligently collected from Ofoase Senior High Technical School. This remarkable effort is led by a dedicated network of over 150 students, supported by three devoted volunteers who oversee the collection of these sachet water bags within their respective classes.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of these three passionate #DAWP_Volunteers, these sachet water bags are rescued from the fate of becoming debris. Instead, they are repurposed into innovative products, all while imparting valuable lessons on the perils of plastic pollution. This initiative also provides a platform to educate students about potential employment opportunities.

At Gabidezin House of Fashion in Ghana, we take great pride in our mission to collect, cleanse, and transform plastic waste into stylish and practical bags, among other ingenious creations. In particular, we craft SchoolBag rucksacks using the discarded water sachets, which would otherwise clog drainage systems, leading to potential flooding. The stagnant water attracts disease-carrying mosquitos and vermin, further emphasizing the urgency of our environmental and educational endeavors.

Through these concerted efforts, we not only fashion eco-friendly products but also empower the community with knowledge and eco-conscious solutions to tackle plastic pollution and its associated challenges.