Race for Saving Turag

World Merit Bangladesh, in co-operation with World Merit, organized an event in Dhaka, Bangladesh to save the river Turag. This movement was launched in partnership with Race for Oceans foundation, UNLEASH, and Leadership Development Association Bangladesh. Race for Oceans foundation, a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness about Life Below Water (SDG 14), selected World Merit Bangladesh as the ambassador for Bangladesh. The goal was to organize one of Race for Ocean Foundation’s 20 global events taking place in local communities around the world.

The team was provided with free specialized training on community mobilization to organize their own local one-day event. The campaign results were to be shared with the UN. The movement was joined by more than 25 volunteers and organizers and the team collected more than 500kg of trash from the river.

To know more about this drive and its outcome, contact us at info@worldmerit.org