The #MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign represents a community-based initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of healthcare facilities throughout Nigeria. The focus of this advocacy effort was the Government Cottage Hospital located in Ogugu, Olamaboro LGA, Kogi State. This healthcare institution stands as the sole government-owned hospital serving a population of approximately 180,000, as per the 2006 census data.

The advocacy team responsible for this endeavor comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, including the community leader who serves as the patron, religious leaders, and community members from various walks of life. A comprehensive Wish List was compiled to outline the essential requirements necessary for the hospital’s optimal functioning.

The advocacy strategy primarily revolves around fostering a sense of community ownership of the hospital and appealing to individuals with philanthropic inclinations to contribute to fulfilling the items on the Wish List. Additionally, the team regularly conducts clean-up activities within the hospital premises, and two years ago, a health attendant was employed to support operations.

As a result of these collective efforts, the advocacy campaign has witnessed several positive outcomes, including an upsurge in patient patronage, the establishment of a diabetic center, the renovation of a deteriorated restroom facility, and an ongoing initiative to rehabilitate the staff quarters, among other achievements.